The journalist of

the Commissioner for human rights in St. Petersburg Alexander Shishlov stated that he would seek punishment for the perpetrators of the incident involving journalist David Frenkel at the polling station No. 2191. This was reported by “the Media”.

“the fact of the attack on the journalist performing his professional journalistic work, outrageous,” said Shishlov.

Frankel said he had “a fracture of the middle of the humerus, something like that.”

“And me today, right now, will do the surgery. Until Monday I was in the hospital. Forecast like normal. The restoration of the hand-to-eight weeks,” he said.

it is Also known that the lawyer Olga Karachevo, which represents the interests of Frenkel are not allowed in the building of the Investigative Committee. She was going to a statement about the incident with Frankel.

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