The journalist, who broke his arm at a polling station, fined

Journalist “media zones” to David Frankel, who is in St. Petersburg broke his arm at a polling station, Dzerzhinsky, the court issued two fines. About this Frankel said in his Twitter.

So, for the article on interference in the activities of the electoral Commission (article 5.69 Cao Petersburg) he was fined for 2 thousand rubles, and on charges of disobeying a police officer (article 19.3 of the administrative code) — 500 rubles. Under article about violation of the requirements of high alert Frenkel has issued a warning to the journalist was at the polling station without a mask.

All three cases were heard at the same time, the meeting viewed a video, showing the collision of a journalist with the polling station staff and the police, and heard witnesses for the prosecution.

“Dmitry Abramov told that I was yelling that he came to uphold the law, and here all criminals. Insulted the chair! Supposedly I told the police that “I’m the chief, I represent the people.” The alleged plot came 3-5 votes, but I blocked the approach to the voter in connection with what the police asked me to leave,” Frankel cites testimony of one witness on Twitter.

the Policeman Denis Dmitriev, in the words of Frankel, said that the journalist “was shot there, where it can be removed only accredited press”, but the main violation Frenkel was the fact that he allegedly was not allowed on the precinct voter.

“Says, “it’s their favorite tactic is to drop on the floor”. It was decided to use combat technique — bend your hands behind your back. But I was trying to fall on the floor and in the course of the fall broke my arm!” — transferred words Dmitrieva journalist.

the Second policeman Vitaly Gudkov, according to Frenkel said that the combat of admission, his colleague was not used.

David Frankel also noted that at the end of the trial the judge refused to call witnesses, to request the log and thenyadok the vote, and re-watch the video.

earlier, the journalist of “media zones” David Frankel reported the incident at the polling station from the Fontanka river embankment in St. Petersburg, in which he broke his arm. The diagnosis was confirmed by the doctors of the Institute of emergency care named Dzhanelidze. SK initiated the audit, it is planned to conduct the examination.

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