The journalists demanded to declassify the case of Ivan Safronov

The edition of “Novaya Gazeta” on the website published the petition, which required the most open process in the case of the adviser of the General Director of Roskosmos, a former journalist of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti” Ivan Safronov. “The new newspaper” recalled the high-profile case of Ivan Golunova, which “collapsed because it was in plain sight”. “Then there was Svetlana Prokopyeva. Pskov journalist Prokopieva presented the justification of terrorism in the column, published in the media. Svetlana all frayed nerves, blocked cards, seized a computer, the Prosecutor asked for six years. But she was given a fine of 500 thousand rubles. Why not work? Because anyone could read it and the accusation was public,” reads the petition. Now “took” Ivan Safronov, who “mined the information and wrote about the defense texts, which are regularly turned into screaming matches”. “And this time they gave him the drugs. And not have him on the excuse of terrorism. They charged him with treason, indicates the newspaper. On what they base their calculation? At the terrible word “secret”. Safonov Nasional, and as a secret. Against the secret things, according to the organizers, and the society will have nothing to say”. The authors of the petition asked to explain what it is charged with Safronov. “Do not give out your state secrets. But publish your evidence-based part, — noted journalists. — Otherwise, it is a fake. Evidence hide when they’re fake. We demand the most open process in the case of Ivan Safronov!”. Recall that Safronov was detained on the morning of 7 July, on suspicion of treason. According to security officers, Safronov passed classified information to one of the special services of NATO. The FSB said that we are talking about information relating toOeno-technical cooperation and defense. He not pleaded guilty. Later it became known that the Lefortovsky court of Moscow arrested Ivan Safronov for two months — until September 6. Meanwhile, the pickets near the building of FSB on Lubyanka square in Moscow in support of Ivan Safronov arrested 22 people.

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