Claude Farrère to Hélie de Saint Marc, passing by Malraux, Jon Swain, François Bizot, and even the young Line Papin, the Far East has given birth to a flowering of important books. In the fall of 2019, Jungle red joined without difficulty this rack that holds a special place in our hearts. It brings together the literature of our memory yellow.

This memory-rich, painful, which had haunted Europeans for 150 years, Jean-Noël Orengo exploring book after book. His third novel, celebrates once again the marriage of France with these far reaches of the world, that are called Indo-china or Vietnam.

The first characters that enter the scene is called André and Clara Malraux. Him, wick jet and verb panting, she feel uncomfortable at the side of this companion of fancy and overwhelming. The story is known: the two young men roam the country in quest of adventure, opium and ideal. What is less clear, and for cause, it is the existence of their boy, Xa, “the friend of indochina”, in …

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