Sylvie Vartan has always sung Johnny on stage. Today, it is a homage that she pays to her former spouse in an album: With thee . In The Keys of a life , on Sud Radio, the singer returns to the relationship of a lifetime. She and Johnny had the same anxieties and the same joys. A true symbiosis, with the passion of rock sharing. The Sylvie Vartan comes from far away: a education rocked in jazz, a musician father, a mother loved to dance.

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When she meets the Taulier, they are only “kids”, she says. The rhythm of the rock leads to the other. While Johnny is not with his family, the parents of Sylvie Vartan adopt it as their son. Then the music has been a backbone for him. And the sudden celebrity, a difficult learning.

In 1965, their marriage a product of the riots. The couple is erected without the want to the flag bearers of a new society. In 1966, was born their son, David. At 3 years old, he is already a musician. The father and the son will, many years later, on stage to perform with happiness the title Blood for blood . “A song just, poetic, heart-breaking” moves and Sylvie Vartan.

Johnny Hallyday was a man of inspiration, an interpreter magnificent. Despite her shyness, “it was rhetorical”. Like him, Sylvie Vartan has always been a need for music to express themselves. This love, the singer remembers it as if it was yesterday. Their story could not have been more beautiful. In With thee she sings I love you for Johnny Hallyday now gone. “All of these songs were in my skin for a long time”, she says to Jacques Pessis.