Black Venus is not a fantasy out of the fertile imagination of a James Bond lost in the East extreme. The hero of the south Korean film The Spy Gone North , which comes out on the screens French this week, are alive and well. In 1997, the spy Park Chae-Seo met at the peril of his life, the dictator film buff Kim Jong-il, hiding even a micro on his tail, in search of secrets on north korea’s nuclear program. “It was very stressful to be a spy”, has confessed to the sixties in a rare interview, on the occasion of the release of his Memoirs. The man had gained the confidence of the leaders of the hermit Kingdom by working with the traders trafficker on the border, the sino-north Korean.

But the fate of the double-agent Black Venus does not end on a clap of late, and remains subject to the vagaries of domestic politics in Seoul, as a metaphor for film production in south korea dedicated to the North. The spy near the …

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