The Kremlin also

room for Emotions here can not be — commented the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the closure of the criminal case of treason against the adviser to the head of Roscosmos, ex-journalist of “Kommersant” Ivan Safronov.

According to Peskov, RIA “Novosti”, in this case, the closeness of the case may not be a destabilizing factor for society, “because there is a law on state secrets and secret mode”.

However, said Peskov, the Kremlin is clear, “the increased interest of the Department in relation to the fate of colleagues.” “Believe me, we too are experiencing”, he said. But still, Peskov continued, it should be clearly understood that there is legislation about the “secrets” and emotions must be kept in check.

Recall, July 7, Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested Safronova until September 6 on charges of treason. According to the FSB, Safonov is suspected of passing secret information about Russian military-technical cooperation, one of the special services of NATO, we are talking about the Czech Republic.

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