The Kremlin does not dramatize a protest vote NAO

the Kremlin is not inclined to dramatize a protest vote for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the Nenets Autonomous district (NAO).

As reported “Interfax” citing a source close to the presidential administration, it was recalled that in 1993 the referendum on the Constitution were against voters in 17 regions, but now only one.

Recall, according to system gas-Elections in NAO against the amendments made 55,25% of all voters — 43,78%. In the whole of Russia for amendments to the Constitution 1 July 2020 voted 77,92% of the votes. NAO was the only region where a majority of voters opposed amending the Constitution.

the constitutional Referendum held 12 December 1993. Then the turnout was 54.8%, of the Basic law voted 58.4% of voters came to the polling stations.

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