The lack of workers for the construction industry may be offset by labour migrants

Financial disputes arising out of the actions of workers on the construction of the Amur gas processing plant, regulated. This was stated in the regional government. The main construction work at the site was continuing normally. Major investment facility erected about 29 thousand people.

according to economists, the realization of large construction projects in Russia, some of which are already in the active phase, and a number planned for the coming years, requires the involvement of a significant number of workers because such a construction can be carried out by forces of several tens of thousands of people.

“To the extent of the problem was evident, far beyond the examples do not have to walk: on the construction of the “Yamal LNG” in the peak of realization was simultaneously involved more than 30 thousand workers. In Murmansk for the construction of a new shipyard now employs more than 10 thousand people, in the development of the Chayanda and Kovykta gas fields, “Gazprom” was attended by nearly 15 thousand, — said the Agency PRIME. — You can definitely say that in Russia today there are not enough qualified contractors with proven experience, which would provide the request of energy companies workforce on new projects and to ensure reliable, fast construction at a competitive price. You can train new staff and to wait until they “grow up”, but the time is now not at all. To build new capacity to ensure the transition to non-oil economy should have been back yesterday.”

given the complexity of involving so many workers at a time, all over the world actively use the services of large contractors, for example, Yamato, Rönesans Holding, etc. These companies participated in the construction of such major facilities as the railway tunnel the Gotthard pass is documented in the Swiss Alps, a major nuclear power plant in Finland, the medical center Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands, the Russian public and business complex “Lakhta-center” and the international airport in Sochi.

At the same time it is not about the relocation of migrants, but only about staying in the period of construction on the territory of a particular object for a certain period of time. Contractors, organizing the arrival of the workers have streamlined the system and fully responsible for them. And even if, as in the recent case of unrest on the construction of the Amur gas processing plant, sometimes there is a dispute between workers and administration, they quickly transferred to a peaceful direction, not slowing down the construction process.

As recently stated by President Vladimir Putin, today it is necessary to maintain a given pace of construction of large infrastructure projects. The lack of workforce in this situation, the President said one reason for the slowdown in the economy.

in addition, it must be remembered that the implementation of such large infrastructure projects and creating new jobs requiring high qualifications, which can take domestic experts.

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