The film is dead, long live the film. The 16 September will be to mark with a black stone for lovers picture traditional. The shop Photo-Ciné, located at 72 avenue des Gobelins, just a stone’s throw from the place d’italie, has permanently closed its doors in organizing the auction of its impressive stock of used equipment. The mistress of the place since 1978, ms. n’guyen Seen, had to separate themselves from what she calls fondly “his cave of Ali Baba” after the disappearance of her husband in the past year.

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for more than forty years the pattern of the Photo-Cine had, indeed, amassed a real treasure in her small shop. Mottled Flea, bought used from loyal customers who loved to trade in their old appliances for new, nuggets of the stock included cameras, filters, flashes, and even dandruff, sometimes difficult to find today.

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Tarentino and Scorsese go on a crusade for the film

The auctioneer, Maître Jean-Pierre Teucquam, has estimated the amount of this sale to around 20,000 euros. The nostalgic of film cameras, black and white, and the patina that has taken part of the genius of Robert Doisneau, were able to acquire without emptying their stock of slr and other historic aircraft.

All these lovers of the film now have powerful allies: the great film directors Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan have recently departed on a crusade to save the art of the film. David happens to defeat the Goliath digital? Nothing is less certain…

The stock of the last shop silver Paris sold at auction