The lawyer Efremova caused by a drunken driver killed a whole family

the Lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov Elman Pashayev family is gone due to an accident by a drunk driver KAMAZa. About the defender told the publication “StarHit”.

According to Pashayeva, the tragedy occurred in 1987. Victims of an accident with a drunk driver behind the wheel, became a father, mother and two brothers Pashayeva. At this time, the future lawyer was only 15 years old.

“When my relatives found out that the driver left two minor children, they came in contact and did everything that the perpetrator of the accident is not planted. I know how people handle grief,” said the Pasha.

He said that Efremov really wanted to pay the family of Sergey Zaharova money right now, without waiting for the court decision because she needs help. However, as the situation does not allow it. “We are humanly wanted to help them. But I’m not going for anybody to run,” said the lawyer, explaining that he now intends to “firmly and concretely” to talk with the actor: “how the court will decide, so we will refund”.

As noted by lawyer Sergei Zakharov was a good man. “Neighbours of the deceased told me that Zakharov himself was a very decent, conscientious man. And his brother, Valery, a good guy, I personally talked.”

he Also clarified that immediately agreed to defend Ephraim, however, was on a business trip. Therefore, in the early procedural actions with the participation of the actor was present only attorney Elizabeth Shargorodsky.

the Moral condition of Ephraim Pashayev praised as very heavy. “He isn’t thinking, he is ready to bear punishment, to sit. Nothing more can not speak. Sees nothing, hears. Every day live with the knowledge that he caused the accident a man died. I explained to him, tried to reassure, saying: “You’re not a murderer, to murder is a separate article. Crimes are not willful“. He feels bad about”, &mdash said Elmar Pashayev.

Recall, June 8, Mikhail Efremov in a state of intoxication caused a car accident, from injuries died in hospital the driver of the second car Sergey Zakharov. Efremov is under house arrest, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

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