The lawyer found a video proving whether driving in a fatal crash Mikhail Efremov

Behind the wheel of a car that crashed into a van driver on Smolensk square in Moscow, was the actor Michael Efremov — this confirms discovered the video. As reported TASS, said the family’s lawyer Sergei Zakharov, who died in the crash, Alexander Dobrovinsky.

“I managed to get the video, which captured the very moment when the witnesses of the tragedy help the driver (as he comes out of it from the driver’s seat), Mikhail Efremov to get out of the car,” said Dobrovinsky.

None of the car is no longer published, the Agency said.

the accident occurred on the evening of 8 June, on Smolensk square. Being drunk, Efremov behind the wheel of a Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane, where it crashed into a van delivery service. The driver of the van died in hospital. Efremov is under house arrest until January 22.