Sell so fast, the legacy of the Lalanne, just a few months after the death of Claude, the wife of François-Xavier, who disappeared on 10 April last, eleven years after her husband, is the best of issues, to pay tribute to a couple of artists as important to the history of art? This is the question that arises today, after the announcement of the auction at Sotheby’s in October next. It pleases some as much as it disappoints the other, those nostalgic for a heyday that embodies the inventiveness French. The news has caught the close and ardent defenders of a work that the market has been slow to recognize, but which was eventually to explode in the auction, establishing at the end of many of the efforts of their gallery owners (Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand in Paris Ben Brown, London, Paul Kasmin, New York) a fair rating, sometimes to him, sometimes to it, in a healthy competition. And this union of two personalities …

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