The Lego company refused advertising toy police because of riots in the United States

the Lego Company decided to abandon advertising promotion kits with a toy-police, criminals, search dogs and handcuffs. According to The Toybook, a letter the company sent the affiliate marketers.

In particular, we are talking about more than 30 construction sets that include minifigures and accessories police officers, firefighters, criminals, emergency vehicles and buildings, police station LEGO City, the fire station, the dog unit, patrol car, fire aircraft, mobile command center, etc. Decided to abandon the promotion set to open a donut shop, LEGO City, which includes minifigures police.

“We respect the action #BlackOutTuesday and in this regard, suspend the placement of content in our social networks in response to the tragic events in the USA”, — the press service of the Lego.

Riots in the US broke out after the police murder of an African-American George Floyd with hard detention. A policeman knocked him to the ground and the knee crushed his throat, causing Floyd suffocated and died in the hospital. In many American cities held protests, accompanied by pogroms, riots and looting. Has died.

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