Rather than the name of his father, Dupin, or that of her husband, Dudevant, she made a name for himself that belonged only to her: George Sand. Known for dressing as a man, divorced, but matchmaker active, lover of passionate designers famous, she lived for the freedom and financial autonomy at a time when women were private. How can we be surprised that she was interested in Michelle Perrot? As a historian of women presents to us the great writer in his land and his family home, Nohant, all together: the legacy, boulet, trap, but also refuge, thebaid, cell republican, conservatory archives, home of artists.

George Sand in Nohant is the novel of Nohant, seen, wanted, and lived by George Sand. In three themes, people, places, times, Michelle Perrot recounts the life of an exceptional woman who invented the operation of its remains to combine all the lives, according to his own whims and knowing how to turn the page. We discover George Sand in advance …

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