there’s enough to go crazy. Stay locked up in a lighthouse with Willem Dafoe. What did Robert Pattinson to deserve such punishment? In The Lighthouse , the second feature film by Robert Eggers ( The Witch ), the vampire of Twilight gets stuck in a lighthouse on an island off the north-eastern United States at the end of the Nineteenth century with the interpreter of Christ by Scorsese. The first images from the film, presented at the Quinzaine des réalisateurs in Cannes, come to be shared by the production company A24.

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struggling with loneliness, with alcohol as the only source of comfort, the duo of guards will slowly sink into insanity. A pitch worthy of a song by progressive rock of the 1970s. The gloom of their daily lives is highlighted by the repetition of the phrase “Why’d you spill your beans” (“Why have you spilled your beans” in French), delivered by Willem Dafoe in the trailer to the atmosphere, is worrisome.

A tale of horror in the Hitchcock

according To the statements of the american actor, to Variety , the second feature film from the director of The Witch is not a horror film per se, but rather a story of horror “in the vein of Hitchcock films”.

Presented on the Croisette in may, this production A24, the distribution company and production to the origin of the most successful independent film in american these past few years as the Spring Breakers , Lady Bird or Under The Silver Lake – had won the FIPRESCI prize of the international critics of the Fortnight. The light of The Lighthouse will inform the meeting of the Atlantic on October 18. For the moment, no release date, French has not been announced.