Claude Lelouch, Anouk Aimée and Jane Birkin, arm-in-arm in front of the cameras rattling. Cannes film Festival 1975? No, ceremony of Lights 2019. The award, which sees the French cinema, held by seventy journalists from the international press, their tribute to her. It stood on Monday at the Institute of the arab world. In 24 years of existence, these Golden Globes of france have become the indicators monitored for the Caesar.

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Italian, Russian or Arabic: all languages echo in the large hall of concrete, where there are guests. Like gulls, the photographers are screaming, in front of the photocall: “on this side”, “here”, here and there”. “This atmosphere is tiring, it is not natural to me”, says Dylan Robert. Revealed by Jean-Bernard Marlin in Scheherazade , the Marseillais of 18 years passed through the prison before you scroll on red carpet has started on its 31. The film Scheherazade will walk away empty-handed.

Anouk Aimée and Claude Lelouch, to them, are lapped. The Lights wanted to make a tribute to a man and A woman , done 52 years earlier. The actress was 86 years of age, wrapped in a big coat, has not yet tired of the glitter. “When you want to you, isn’t it always nice?”, exclaimed she. “In as much as the red wine is not evil,” whispers she.

until the beginning of the ceremony, we talk, we chat. Presenters Pierre Zeni, editor-in-chief of Canal +, and Eve Jackson, a journalist with France 24, have no trouble to restore the silence. The jingle, very hollywood, is launched. “I want to make a tribute to all those journalists who, for a year, have not watched that in French cinema”, plays the first. His sidekick note the predilection of our directors “for matters as light as the adoption, prostitution, pedophilia or terrorism.”

brothers and Sisters, three times sacred

Brothers and Sisters by Jacques Audiard won the Light of the best film of the year. It is the successor to 120 beats per minute . The western has been shadowed by its competitors: it takes-also the price of the staging and photography. “I thank myself because this is what he would have been forced to do”, kids Jacques Audiard, come to find, in place of the director of photography Benoît Debie, the first reward.

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The foreign journalists were melted for Guy , the fake biopic of a singer of the 70s, signed and played by Alex Lutz. The little prince film has received the Light of the best actor. One listens, solemn, the short tribute to Michel Legrand, who disappeared two weeks ago. The actress Marie-Philomène Nga is chanting a song of cameroon. She then awarded the two composers of Guy the award for best film music.

Claude Lelouch and Anouk Aimée, at the 24th ceremony of the Enlightenment ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP

“This is not easy for me to bear. I thank those who are doing daily,” explains, affable, Pierre Salvadori. He comes to receive the Light of the best scenario for his comedy off the wall Freedom! .

Élodie Bouchez is the female revelation in Ward . Twenty years ago, it was the same price, in the same place. “Like the blues”, she observed.

The critical japanese Kuriko Sato promises to be “very, very moving”. For many from the foreign press, the personalities who distribute the rewards are making their finest efforts to express themselves in the language of Molière. Gigolo gay in Wild , Felix Maritaud is the revelation male of the year. Ophelia Bau, 25 years old, for her performance in Mektoub my love , is his female counterpart. Moved, to it file call to prevent his loved ones after being lowered to the stage.


Jane Birkin climbs up to her tower. “How could you not fall in love with you?” asked Jacques Kermabon of the magazine canadian 24 frames . Marion Hansel, who did play in 1985 in Dust , refers to its multi-talented “singer, actrise, a filmmaker, a mother, and a woman committed”. The beauty of her twenty years, projected images on a large screen, does not seem to make it nostalgic. Jane Birkin prefers to thank the great directors who believed in her. “Without them, my life would have been different.” A lesson of wisdom.

“The gods of cinema have been good with us”, confesses in his turn Claude Lelouch, ovationné, with Anouk Aimée, receiving a Light of honor. A violist Spanish plays dealing with the theme of a man and A woman – a tribute a little too pressed. Claude Lelouch has turned the result with Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant in 2018. “You’ll see!”, says the filmmaker.

During the closing cocktail, there are faces who are gay, others sad. Pierre Salvadori likes to keep its distinction on its head. Jacques Audiard’s spear, naughty, to his colleagues: “Don’t worry guys, there will be matches back.” The next will be held on February 22 at the 44th ceremony of the Caesars.

Winners of the Lights of the international media to

● Best film

Brothers and Sisters Jacques Audiard

● Best documentary

Samouni Road , Stefano Savona

● Best first film.

to the hilt , Xavier Legrand

● Best French-language film

Girl , Lukas Dhont

● Best director

Jacques Audiard, to Brothers and Sisters

● Best screenplay

Pierre Salvadori, Benoît Graffin and Benjamin Charbit for Freedom! , Pierre Salvadori

● Best actress

Élodie Bouchez, in Ward , Jeanne Herry

● Best actor

Alex Lutz, in Guy , Alex Lutz

● female Revelation

Ophelia Bau, in Mektoub My Love , Abdellatif Kechiche

● Revelation male

Felix Maritaud, in Wild , Camille Vidal-Naquet

● Best animated film

Dilili in Paris , Michel Ocelot