The stuntwoman Olivia Jackson, who recently lost a member after a motorcycle accident in 2015 during the filming of Resident Evil released in 2016, accuses the producer Jeremy Bolt and director Paul W. S. Anderson to have committed a series of mistakes that led to the accident. She filed a complaint.

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According to the complaint the voice actress, who is now 38 years of age, estimated that the accident occurred after a bad decision by the production, which has preferred to put forward “its own financial interests” rather than its security. She was initially given the task of creating a fight scene but the schedule had been changed due to weather conditions in South Africa and the stuntwoman had to run a sequence on a motorcycle, very risky in the rain. This change of plan ill-prepared would have cost his arm to the young woman, after 17 days in a coma, as well as his career.

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A big u-shape cut last week for a host of procedures. 1 Pushed the shoulder girdle forward a lot to a more normal position 2 and Fused the shoulder blade to the ribs to keep it there 3Took a slice/chunk of bone out of my shoulder blade to crush up and use in the shoulder joint 4 of Fused the hanging stump arm into the shoulder joint by means of a wide bent-bar & pine trees (and crushed shoulder blade piece) It’s been an absolute horror of a week with so much bread, swelling, insomnia, headaches, nausea but it’s starting to settle a bit now which is good. I’m so thankful for incredible shoulder surgeon Simon Lambert!

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“It was really a week horrible with a lot of pain, swelling, insomnia, headaches, nausea, but it starts to go a little better now, which is good. I’m so grateful to the amazing surgeon, the shoulder Simon Lambert!”, tells even today, the stuntwoman on Instagram.

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the One who has taken part in films like Star Wars VII and Mad Max: Fury Road was also seriously injured in the head and punctured a lung during this terrible accident. According to a witness quoted by The Sun , the stunt woman was not wearing a helmet because of the “imperatives of this scene”.