1. Dumbo (27 march)

Dumbo [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

After you have turned in pictures real Alice in wonderland , Tim Burton tackles the elephant with the large ears of Walt Disney whose adventures had given rise to a wonderful cartoon in 1941. To the sides of the small pachyderm, you will meet Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito and Eva Green.

2. The Lion King (July 17)

Released in 1994, the animated film featuring Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumbaa has been a huge success declined in the following, a musical comedy just as successful. After Mary Poppins , the jungle book , Snow White and Dumbo , home Disney gives him life on the big screen by turning it into “live action”, that is to say, by shooting actual. This film was directed by Jon Favreau with Donald Glover and Beyonce Knowles.

3. Aladdin (22 may)

The animated film by Walt Disney was released in 1992, its application in musical comedy on Broadway and in London up to two movies with Kev Adams, one might think that the bonanza Aladdin was exhausted. Obviously not. Here, an Aladdin in “flesh and bone” and synthetic images seen by Guy Ritchie with Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott. Here the famous genius has been immortalised by Robin Williams in the cartoon is portrayed by Will Smith. According to the actor, the character will be not only blue, but also in image synthesis during the major part of the film. The photos published recently by Entertainment Weekly only refer to the few scenes in which he will have a human appearance.

4. Tiny 2 – The Mandibles of the End of the World (30 January)

Tiny 2 : the mandibles of the end of the world [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

The first installment had made a sensation in the cinema with 1.5 million entries. Four years later, here is the result, always carried out by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud with the voice of Thierry Frémont and .

When fall the first snow in the valley, there is an urgent need to prepare its reserves for the winter. Alas, during the operation, a small ladybug finds herself trapped in a cardboard box… to the Caribbean! One solution: reform the shock team! The ladybug, the ant and the spider resumed the service at the other end of the world. New world, new people, new dangers… help arrives in time?

5. Dragons 3: the hidden world (6 February)

The improbable friendship between a young Viking and a deadly dragon has become a trilogy recounting their life. In this new chapter, Harold and Krokmou discover their true destiny: to be the chief of Berk alongside Astrid and, as a dragon, to be the leader of his species. While they realize their dreams of living in peace between Vikings and dragons, a dark threat looms over the village and the emergence of a female dragon is going to hurt their friendship.

4. The Great Lego Adventure 2 (20 February)

In 2014, Lego and Warner Bros had surprised them by showing that it was possible to give life to the characters of brick on a large screen by making it funny and also brave as superheroes. After the success of three adaptations of its heroes builders in the cinema, the Danish brand will renew the operation with the studios Warner Bros. In this fourth installment, the inhabitants of the Lego world they all live happy days, but a new and terrible threat looms on the horizon: invaders Lego Duplo® from the depths of space, destroying everything in their path. To defeat these enemies, Emmet, Lucy, Batman and their friends will need to explore distant and unknown worlds. They discover a strange galaxy where each situation is a musical comedy.

5. Toy Story 4 (26 June)

Woody the cowboy, Buzz flash, and the whole gang of toys are turned upside down by the arrival of Forky a new toy who doesn’t want to be in the room with Bonnie. This is the beginning of a great adventure and an extraordinary journey for Woody and his friends. Starting from the search of the shepherdess, the great love of Woody, they’re going to discover how the world can be quite large for a toy… Josh Cooley with Keanu Reeves and Tom Hanks (voice of Woody).

6. Pokémon detective Pikatchu (8th may)

Four years after the characters of Lego, it is the turn of Pokémon come to life on the big screen. Here, the producers have put all the chances on their side by choosing Ryan Reynolds, Mr. Deadpool in person as the voice of the yellow cat Pokémon. After the mysterious disappearance of Harry Goodman, a private detective, his son Tim will attempt to discover what happened. The detective Pikachu, former partner of Harry, then took part in the survey: a super-detective adorable to the sagacity of hilarity. Noting that they are particularly well suited, Tim and Pikachu join forces to solve this mystery. In search of clues in the filled streets of neon lights of the city of Ryme – modern metropolis and sprawling where humans and Pokémon live side by side in a world of live-action very realistic, they meet several characters, Pokémon, and subsequently discover a plot that could destroy the peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole of their universe.

7. The snow Queen 2 (November 20)

This time, Anna and Elsa will travel well beyond the kingdom of Arendelle. To the great joy of the parents who still have “Liberated, delivered,” in the ears, several new songs are in preparation. This movie coming out for the festivals of end of the year is coordinated by Jennifer Lee. Coréalisatrice of the first opus, it is now the new creative director of Walt Disney Studios since the departure of John Lasseter.

8. The famous invasion of bears in Sicily (October 9th)

it All starts on the day when Tonio, the son of the king of the bears, is kidnapped by the hunters in the mountains of Sicily… taking Advantage of the rigor of a winter that threatens his people from famine, the king Léonce decides to invade the plain on which men live. A production franco-Italian realized by the cartoonist Lorenzo Mattotti, inspired by the work of Dino Buzzati.

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9. Royal corgi (10 April)

in Belgium, this animated film recounts the adventures of Rex, the corgi favorite of the queen of England. One fine day, he falls in disgrace, quitte the palace, is to be found in a kennel for abandoned dogs before being dragged into crazy adventures and to find his dear Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.

10. Playmobil, the film (7 August)

After Lego and Pokémon, here is Playmobil. Co-produced by Pathé, filmed by Lino DiSalvo with the voices of Kad Merad, Franck Dubosc and Jenifer Bartoli. The story? When his little brother Charlie disappears in the magic universe and animated Playmobil, Marla his search. This is the beginning of an adventure full of action and humor, in which Marla will make unforgettable encounters: a friendly street vendor who lives in his food truck, a secret agent, elegant and charismatic, a loving little robot and a fairy godmother fancy will be so many new friends that will help to escape the dangers that it faces.

11. Little vampire (18 December)

Joann Sfar adapts the adventures of the Little Vampire for a feature-length film. His hero was ten years ago for three hundred years and wants to make a friend. His choice was Michel, an orphan and student turbulant student. The friendship between the two boys is undermined by the ghastly Gibbous, supernatural creature with the head of a Moon.