A small mouse cavorts in the savannah. At the beginning of the film, the audience will discover with it the incredible sharpness of the landscape of the Lion King re-created in the image synthesis. As in the animated version of 1994, the mouse quickly finds himself trapped in the tavern of Scar. Will she get out? As it is, the remake is a prisoner of the story of the original film of Rogers Way. Director Jon Favreau says he wanted to “above all do nothing to damage” and “respect the original work while giving it a life otherwise”. In this, the film is a success.

In this remake, the Disney studios bring new life to the lion cub Simba, who, exiled from his kingdom after the death of his father, must reclaim his throne, helped by the comic duo of Timon and Pumbaa. Thanks to his images of synthesis bluffantes, the new feature film Jon Favreau will be able to live “without care”, or almost.

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The film manages to rise to the challenge of proposing a new version of the masterpiece of animation in 1994. The first image, a beautiful sunrise in a savanna more true-to-life, sets the tone. The spectators are going to take full view. But the success visual also comes from the warm atmosphere and child feature animation films. The movements of the animals are as authentic as their expressions of faces are attendrissantes.

A whole bunch of fun creatures

And where the Mufasa of 1994 seemed to rule a kingdom a little empty, the land of lions of Jon Favreau’s chock-full of exotic wildlife. Antelopes, zebras, elephants, sloths, hippos… The sequence in the forest is the chance to see a whole bunch of fun creatures. The hyenas are the most numerous and frightening – too much for children? – while maintaining a comical air to be effective.

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In addition to revisit the visual appearance, the remake in image synthesis has led to some changes in the script. Some enable subtly to give more depth to a character like Scar. The treacherous uncle of Simba who usurps the throne reaches almost to elicit a little sympathy when we imagine the complicated history that he has had to suffer with his brother, Mufasa. The greatest achievement of the film is the duo of Timon and Pumbaa, whose antics can even amuse the adults. The whole is served by a soundtrack of Hans Zimmer, who has not taken a ride and could claim a second oscar if it came out today.

A feeling of already-seen inevitable

The film fails in its attempts to present a female character is really interesting. The role of Sarabi, the queen of the lions, and Shenzi, the leader of the hyenas, are in-depth but they do not affect the course of events. But could he do so without changing the story of the movie original? This refusal to rush the fans attached to the film of 1994 gave birth to a film that can’t propose something really new. On the image plane, where the innovation is complete, it is an unquestionable success. Why not give as much freedom to the scenario as given to visual effects?