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● The Lion King, animation by Jon Favreau, 1h 58min

The New-Yorker Jon Favreau revisits in shooting real the famous animated film from Disney’s The Lion King , directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff in 1994. Visually, the adventures of Simba are in the vein of shakespearean. Jon Favreau puts in scene the story of the learning of the young lion Simba dealing at the same time identity, transmission, and inheritance. Jon Favreau signed a plea for the monarchy. Simba thinks first of all to find salvation in the escape. Found in an idyllic place, it quickly adopts the philosophy of his new friend, Pumbaa, a warthog, who sang Hakuna Matata with his accomplice, a suricate facetious recalling the squirrel ice Age . Neither the message green (Disney is matching the release of the film of a campaign to protect the African lions) or humor are not forgotten. The music is not in rest: between the soundtrack removed of Hans Zimmer and the famous tracks such as Can You Feel the Love Tonight Elton John, and a memorable Hakuna Matata , we go out of the projection in the roaring of happiness.

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To see

● Yuli , biopic of Iciar Bollain, 1h44

The streets of Cuba to the Royal Ballet of London. Such is the trajectory of Carlos Acosta, one of these Billy Elliot who, like Nureyev, has found his destiny in the dance. Except that Acosta did not want to dance, but to become a footballer. Except the movie that is signed by Iciar Bollain is infinitely more moving, and more moving than the one that Ralph Fiennes comes to be devoted to Rudolf Nureyev. The director has managed to mix dance and story. Not in the manner of a musical comedy, because it’s not singing in Yuli , but in the form of a realistic narrative where Carlos Acosta holds her own role. Today, this exceptional dancer directs Acosta Danza, a contemporary dance company in Havana. Carlos Acosta, who was now 46 years old, plays its role. Kevin Martinez embodies in his youth with what it takes to doubt pest and charm bravache. And the little gavroche who plays Carlos Acosta at the age of 9 is simply irresistible humour and impertinence.

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Persona non grata, thriller Roschdy Zem, 1h32

José Nunes (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and Maxime Charasse (Raphaël Personaz) are friends to the life-and-death. Since their earliest childhood. They want to associate themselves in a company of public works, but their boss sows discord between the two “brothers”. He promises to each one of him to sell his share without informing the other, divide and conquer. Jose and jimmy decide to eliminate it. For his new film, after Omar me to kill , Chocolate and Bad Faith , the actor-director tackles a registry that is unprecedented, certainly black. Roschdy Zem was adapted from O Invasor (The intruder) a film by Brazilian Beto Brant, itself based on a novel by Marçal Aquino. The story allows him to observe ordinary characters who fall into illegality.

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The work without auteu r drama by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarcjk, 1 hour, 31 minutes for part 1 and 1h39 for part 2.

“Does never the eyes”, he said to his aunt who had taken him in 1937 at an exhibition on degenerate art. It was in Dresden , he was six years old and in front of him there was a Kandinsky. The small Kurt has never forgotten the council. The boy grew up. The country became communist. He studied painting and falls in love with a stylist (the sweet Paula Beer, found in Frantz ), whose father is a medical doctor and former SS who serves his new master with equal fervour and considers a scornful look this suitor who is not able to earn his living at the age of thirty. As to his works, we don’t even talk about. Just if it is not a question of western decadence. Von Donnersmarck (The Lives of others) shuffles the destinies in this film-river of more than three hours. We see nazi dignitaries adapt without difficulty to marxism ambient, a man not advertising, not its principles. The years go by with fiction.

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The journey of Marta , comedy-drama by Neus Ballus, 1: 23:

Marta spends the summer in his 18 years in the club of the vacation of Senegal. Teenager, sullen and curious, she ventured to the side of the african staff of the hotel. His candor transgression is going to cause a drama, but also to broaden the horizon of the conscience and the heart. Director Catalan Neus Ballus is a very personal style, while observation allusive and ironic atmosphere, to evoke both the emotions and confusions of an adolescent and the antagonism of classes and cultures.

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● Wild Rose , music movie from Tom Harper, 1h40

From the first minute of the film, one feels that this redhead wild turns like a lioness in a cage, waiting for its removal of the nut. The cell you just unlocked, Rose-Lynn Harlan (Jessie Buckley, the revelation of the film) comes out of his cell like a devil from its box. His knapsack on the shoulder, that rushes down fiercely on the stairs of the house, off to the sas output, while a prisoner he says: “You’ll be the next Dolly Parton!” Tom Harper, director of several episodes of the series Peaky Blinders , puts in scene a young proletarian who dreams of becoming a singer of country music. With the energy of despair, the go-getter, diamond in the rough, non-refined, takes her dreams and her life to arm-the-body.

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