This is a show truly unique in the photographic medium that gives a great kick of fresh minds sometimes confused by too many images. For its second edition, “a ppr oc et” offers until this evening, Sunday November 11 with a brand new package of talents, who are the link between the fine arts and photography. Attention, this little detour a few steps from the Royal Palace, in the floors, noble, clear, and empty of Molière, specific hotel at 40 rue de Richelieu (Ier), is worth a visit (reservations on

At the Grand Palais in the 22nd edition of Paris Photo, the trend of Fine Arts is already noticeable: the German Düsseldorf, Sebastian Wickeroth, 41 years old, who shot a series on Iceland and the painted-on-glass bomb in a long and delicate variation abstract and chromatic (13 unique pieces at the galerie Paris Beijing, 2.400€ room), to the Argentinian, Berlin, Miguel Rothschild, 49, that pierces and burns his large prints in an heir of Arte povera, which is already in the collections of the Fondation Carmignac (piece unique to 25,000 euros at galerie Bendana/Pinel).

At the young living “has ppr oc et”, dedicated to the experimentation on a photographic medium, this plastic, fully free and offensive, is the rule. The selection of the co-founder and director, Emilia Genuardi (with Sophie River), and the co-artistic director Elsa Janssen, leads to a choice tightened, and harmonious of 15 artists represented by 12 galleries. Not really of separations between spaces, instead of the islets of art following each other as in an archipelago.

The first edition of November 2017 which Léa Chauvel-Levy had assured with Emilia Genuardi’s artistic direction, had seduced 4500 visitors in 4 days, gave rise to “outstanding sales and artistic recognition on the part of collectors and professionals”, welcomes the exhibition “has ppr oc et”.

This mini format is resistant to the tidal wave, this week’s photo in Paris and attracts all the big names of the world photo who come to breathe the air of the time (tomorrow?): François Hébel, director of the FondationHCB which has just inaugurated its new address .at 79 rue des Archives (Third) ; Sam Stourdzé, director of the rencontres d’arles is the one who introduced Simon Baker proceedings of the MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie), of which he became the director ; Guillaume Piens, director of Art Paris Art Fair ; Marc Donnadieu, former head of contemporary LAM, and now in the Musée de l’elysée in Lausanne; Othman Lazraq, director of the contemporary art Museum of Marrakech ; François Quintin, the artistic director of Lafayette Expectations; Colette Barbier, the director of the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, which has just celebrated its 20 years with an exhibition and a book; Stefano Stoll, the founder and director of the festival ultra pep Images Vevey, on the shores of Lake Geneva; Tristan Lund Photo London and the duo of directors of Unseen , Amsterdam.

For this 2nd edition, here are our three favorites.

Louis-Cyprien Rials, Galerie Eric Mouchet

“Wave 41”, 2009, Louis-Cyprien Rials. Louis-Cyprien Rials / Galerie Eric Mouchet

Louis-Cyprien Rials, 37 years old, and will likely be the new heroes of the arts scene, as this young man of fire and flame embodies the contemporary spirit of romance. It comes from the South-West, it has this beauty worried about a Louis Garrel, he handles with skill and detachment this sweet mix assurance class, courtesy, and madness slave which translates to a beautiful education to the former. He has had the SAM Award 2017 and, as such, will be exhibited in the spring at the Palais de Tokyo. In march, galerie Eric Mouchet, the exhibit also. Behind his word as a preacher in the grass at the speed furious, a great need for the absolute emerges, as if all the young poets and writers of the Nineteenth century, restless and idealistic gathered at the top of his shoulder to the intrepid traveler. The art or how to start in search of the truth until the end of the world, beyond the wars and injustices.

Helter-skelter, like a prisoner who suddenly have the word, he tells us of the harsh years of pension to its 1500 nights of night watchman to live and see his 4-year-old fascinated in Japan, to his love of lithuania, of his series in the footsteps of Hiroshige, the war in Iraq, the FIS bloodthirsty christians of the East, forgotten and blind bombing westerners. It is particularly curious to listen to it tell its escaped to the Nicolas Bouvier, epics in bike to Tchnernobyl (11.000 km in 1 month) or to Iraq (33.000 km in “months). This thirst for the extreme is reflected in a thousand ways, as his abstractions from his collection of stones landscapes (edition of 3 + 2 EA, 4.000 € 8.000€ depending on the formats and the exhaustion of an edition; unique pieces at€ 10,000) or its tree postcards, dapper design and terror of the content.

“And then came the night”, 2017, Louis-Cyprien Rials. Louis-Cyprien Rials Galerie Eric Mouchet

Thomas Sauvin & Kensuke Koike, Sector a ppr oc et

Face recomposed. Thomas Sauvin & Kensuke Koike

Here’s a duo of artists that the art world has already spotted since his time at the photo Festival in Lianzhou, in the distant province of Canton, China). Its rating is, therefore, a dramatic increase!

The Frenchman Thomas Sauvin has lived thirteen years in Shanghai and has gathered during ten years a great collection of vernacular photographs, tracking down all these nameless faces of the people’s republic of China in the markets or collection centres.

He is now saved 800.000 negative and positive. The japanese artist Kensuke Koike has spent two years in Italy and a year in New York city. He will be speaking on the draws obtained from this fund, cuts and recomposes the image without omitting anything and without adding anything.

All the works, painstakingly cut and assembled, remain unique pieces. Thomas Sauvin & Kensuke Koike

We of course think of the movie “the Tenants”, 2004, the filmmaker corén Kim Ki-duk, where the hero plays the men invisible, repaired clocks and machinery occupied apartments, thus leaving its signature in its hosts.

Here, in this “sector a ppr o a c he”, which highlights “the two talented artists under the age of 40 years”, some 26 of these metamorphoses are but the same (three editions of pieces that are always unique, 1.500€ the first numbers, 1.800€ the latter, 2.100€ for the third).

These artists, through their sources, divergent, apply to never do the same thing. All these young faces comes from a book of photographs students took to Shanghai in 1983. The silver gelatin prints of these metamorphoses were made in Paris in Diamantino Labo Photo. They are so perfect.

This work has already been shown in Beijing, with a system that was rotated faces such as rebus and unveiled their wrong, just as fascinating.

Ruth van Beek, The Ravestijn Gallery

“Embrace (Figure 33”, Ruth van Beek, unique piece (28x 20 cm), 3.500€, excluding VAT. Ruth Van Beek, The Ravestijn Gallery

Very nice job of painter and colorist as the one of Ruth Van Beek including The Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam presents a beautiful and large hanging.

This Dutch artist, is born in Hoorn in 1977, lives and works in Koog aan de Zaan, the netherlands. She studied photography at The Gerrit Rietvield Academy of Amsterdam, and made his way very poetic work between photography, painting, collage.

All of its raw material comes from old books and small items of recovery. It to fold, cut and add pieces of paper gouachés, recomposes and arranges the whole thing to reveal by an abstracton very sensual its underlying idea.

This is just beautiful.

This young forty-something woman who has a passion that is tough to photo books has already been shown at the Rencontres d’arles and published in many photography magazines.

“Untitled (Figure 18)”, 2018. Collage with archival photo and gouache painted paper, woofd frame with museum-glass. Single room (13 x 18.5 cm). Buffer of the artist, signed (2.500 €, excluding VAT). Ruth van Beek / The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam