This Tuesday, July 9, at Reims, there are two “local step” : the cyclist Anthony Roux and Stéphane Bern. While the city waits for the passage of the Tour de France with trepidation, the facilitator has come to make the tam-tam on the special drawing of the lottery heritage, scheduled for 14 July. “It is necessary to mobilize”, he reiterates repeatedly. Just arrived, Bern climbs up on the huge chariot of The Française des jeux (FDJ), one of the official partners of the Tour. The char is the color of the heritage, with a high tower in its center, a grid of games and a long “Help to restore the French heritage!”flocked on its side: you can’t miss it when it rolls in the trailer, just in front of the riders. The door-key Mission Heritage, donated to the public gathered on the sidewalks, like many, “almost as much as those of Cochonou,” said the JDF.

“Without the mobilization of the French, I can do nothing for the heritage”

Stéphane Bern, at the microphone of France Bleu

once descended from his chariot, Stéphane Bern continues his journey from reims, which is to lend its energy and fame to the …

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