“I went twenty times in the Louvre, but this is the first time of my life, and that it gives me an appointment at the chalcography”, sang Arletty in the years 30. Today this department of the museum is situated in the suburbs, in offices-warehouses of The Plaine-Saint-Denis, next to a retail site on the Internet, in workshops of art, the Réunion des musées nationaux (RMN), including one of the casts.

The smells of ink are discrete. The five workers of art present do not spend more little leaves to press. Little by little the profession of an artisan printer disappears in favor of the conservative.

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Heir to the Workshop of engravers of Louis XIV to the Gobelins, which had the mission of spreading the glitz royal, founded in 1797, including the funds of the Menu-Pleasures (images of the ceremonies of the court) and the collection of the royal Academy of painting and sculpture (reproductions of the pieces of reception), the Chalcography of the …

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