just pass the bridge and this is all on the adventure. The adventure, the adventure and the feast. The bridge? One of the old railway which leads to the small island in the middle of the Danube. Here you are in the heart Sziget, the biggest festival of Europe, to the point that for a week, Sziget became the fifth largest city of Hungary. Here, you should not be surprised to come across real cops, authentic Bobbies, false princesses in long dresses, an indian, bare-chested, or with a group of French straw hat came to bury a life boy… If you were just to listen to music as of old, in Woodstock, and rushes also to have fun.

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Scattered among the fifty-odd scenes scattered throughout the island and the camping tents, a good hundred of food-trucks to satisfy the crowd and the beer flowing freely. A concert to make the full and we are witnessing an hour of the night, huge plugs to humans to the exit of the island. This was the case with british singer Ed Sheeran, at the opening of the festival. One hundred thousand people came to applaud the young composer to the mop of flaming. With him, the tone was set.

Inflation of the seals of artists and tickets

On the main stage, Franz Ferdinand and The National galvanisaient the crowds, or even, on the last night, the u.s. group the Foo Fighters or Twenty one Pilots, baited Sziget by fabulous contracts. Of course, the amount of the stamps became to Sziget as for other festivals, a major issue. Faced with the falling sales of the disc, the artists have all increased the cost of their arrival on scene. This inflation has major impacts on the management of festivals in general, and those who are self-funded as that of Sziget in particular. It is here, in Budapest, the city grants only 160,000 euros of aid to the budget of 16 million euros. The solution they have found the organizers to complete to stay the course? Increase the price of the “pass 7 days” to 339 €, and the entry for the day of € 79. A fortune to the Hungarian public. That we judge, here, the SMIC is at 439 €. It is not surprising that only one-third of the public is aboriginal some 500,000 entries recorded during the seven days of the festival. The rest audience is mainly in europe: Sziget for many has become a goal of a vacation with the guarantee of most amazing time.

With Hippocampal Crazy, rap, francophone Sziget festival – Watch it on Figaro Live

This year, the programming in French French was smaller than last year. Spectators blue-white-red are made lower. The faithful are comforted in the Apero camping is specially organized for the French speaking customers, and this Drink was full. All in all, the visitors promise to always come back, very sensitive to what Sziget offers different, as well on the musical level than on the arts. For example, on the european stage sponsored by Ibis hotels, the French group Hippocampus Madman has taken his role of outsider. Texts in French, sometimes here a little more franchouillards than usual. This friendly rapper is preparing for the fall a album for… children.

Cirque Alphonse triumph at Sziget Festival – Watch it on Figaro Live

Side circus, on the dozen troops scheduled, we particularly enjoyed the cirque Alphonse came to the province of Quebec with its numbers of hand-to-hand absolutely outstanding, accompanied by an orchestra of very high quality.

Sziget Festival, the Magic Mirror of the Australian strippers of Briefs – Look on Figaro Live

Side cabaret, it was the advent of Australians of Briefs that triggered the passions. Their show, in the tradition of Priscilla queen of the desert, is daring, seductive, sometimes a bit vulgar, but so insanely funny!

The amazing duo of Francis Perreault and Matthew Richardson at Sziget festival – Watch it on Figaro Live

in The middle of the show, it held its breath for the moment, a very poetic offered by a duo in love with the Cyr wheel, composed by Francis Perreault. This Québécois interpreter usually this number with his partner Eva, with whom he has performed at the Moulin Rouge for two years ; at Sziget, he has played with Matthew Richardson, in the framework of the Magic Mirror, the venue of the festival which boasts of its openness to all differences. With its slogans shocks “The Island of Freedom” and The “Love Revolution”, Sziget does not waive its political connotation, nor to his will to affirm his independence in the face of power. This year, this challenge has taken on a particular resonance with the controversy initiated by Coca-Cola. The american brand had launched an advertising campaign in the metro of Budapest at the time of the opening of the festival.

The posters of Coca Cola, which caused a scandal in Budapest. fd

On a poster, two girls drank Coke in the same bottle with two straws ; on the other, the two boys stood by the shoulder, a bottle of coke to hand. It does not take more to trigger the ire of the conservatives to power, and the boycott’s immediate Coca-Cola. Elsewhere, Sziget, though he is the the most important cultural events of Hungary, has never had the right to an official visit of Victor Orban, the prime minister. This lack has nothing trivial, nor is involuntary: whereas the office of tourism Hungarian has a budget in permanent increase, he has received the order to refuse the support of journalists who have come to Sziget and who had only one desire: to visit Budapest.