The Lubyanka was detained participants of pickets against the fabrication of criminal cases

the building of FSB on Lubyanka square detained about 15 activists conducted pickets against torture and fabrication of criminal cases.

As told to “Mediazone”, the press Secretary of the movement “Civil society” Egor Ruskin, are among the detained members of the organization Timothy Nuts, Arina Kiseleva, Polina Zemtsova, Murat Mukashev, Dmitry Lutsenko. Police also arrested a juvenile activist. Kiseleva became ill in a police van because of the heat, she brought “breathe.” During the arrest, Smith was hit in the leg and took the phone.

Recall activists took to the pickets in connection with the verdict in the “case “Network” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia). The defendants Victor and Julia Filinkov Bojarshinova sentenced to 5.5 years in prison.

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