The main competitor Lukashenko withdrew from the election

Opposition candidate Victor Babariko was not able to register on election of the President of Belarus because of the number of violations identified by the CEC.

the Head of the electoral body Lidia Yermoshina pointed to the discrepancy of the Declaration on incomes and property of Babrika, and to “foreign organizations” in his election campaign.

In particular, the Declaration has not been provided a few numbers cashback from “Belgazprombank”: 283 rubles 43 kopecks, and the income on deposits 1263 dollar, EUR 0.05. While this amount is much less than that for which the candidate may be denied.

during the meeting, the CEC Chairman read a letter from the Committee of state control, whereby Babariko criminal group led and “laundered money”.

Offer Yarmoshyna not to register Babariko was supported by all members of the Commission.

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