The market in Tomsk has become a hotbed of coronavirus

In Tomsk, Central market has become a “hotbed” coronavirus infection. There is evidence that there has infected at least six people. One of the hospitalized workers of the shopping malls got sick severe.

According to officials, the market was closed for quarantine, transferred to TV2. However, the portal “Tomska” reports that the market continues to work. It is noted that all the dealers already took tests for COVID-19.

Earlier it was reported that Tomsk Governor Sergei Zhvachkin said that infected COVID-19 the doctors are to blame because “drink tea together”, and go to barbecues. He, in particular, found it difficult to decide how to deal with infitsirovanii fellow worker: “to Pay her, for example, the money required for infection, or to punish the article for violations and for the fact that she has infected others?”

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