The mayor of Kiev came to the Council meeting on crutches

the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko shocked his colleagues on the city Council at Tuesday’s meeting.

As the press service of the city Council, Klitschko tore a tendon and was forced to walk on crutches.

In this case, himself a former boxer noted that this injury for him is not new, but urged everyone to protect themselves — and not only from the coronavirus.

Also Klitschko said that before he played with his sons in football, and then to drive the vandals who painted the walls in the city center.

“an Old sports injury he reminded himself. Again tore his Achilles,” said he.

in addition, the mayor joked that now can literally “nakostylyat” irresponsible officials.

“Maybe the irresponsible officials are happy that the magic temporarily pendeli will not fly? But now there is a new option for the careless — “to punch,” warned Klitschko.