The mayor of Minneapolis knelt and wept at the grave who was killed by police African American (video)

At the University of Minneapolis (American Minnesota) a lot of people took leave of black George Floyd, who was killed during the arrest by the police. The gold coffin, in which rests the Floyd, approached the mayor of the city, Jacob Frey.

Video from the scene shows that the mayor knelt and wept. Earlier, representatives of the police in the USA was down on one knee during an anti-racism shares, which began throughout the country after the death of Floyd. Thus the guards showed solidarity with the protesters and condemned his colleagues as a result of which the man died.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey knelt at the casket of #GeorgeFloyd before the start of the funeral.

— s. gross (@ShariStrib) June 4, 2020

the farewell Ceremony also called for the fighters for civil rights, for example the eldest son of Martin Luther king, and representatives of show business.

Mourners, including Martin Luther King III and Reverend Jesse Jackson, spend a moment at the casket of George Floyd ahead of the family memorial service.

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) June 4, 2020

the Moment of silence lasted 8 minutes, 46 seconds — the time the white COP squeezed the neck of an African American, do not heed his pleas.

Y’all see the gold casket right? George Floyd is memorialized with the highest of honor and respect. African Americans have death always used material culture to resist, using last rites as a tool to subvert the racist, stereotypes caricature of thug and brute

— Dr. Kami Fletcher (@kamifletcher36) June 4, 2020

meanwhile, President Donald trump is not going to participate in the ceremonies in memory of the deceased. The announcement coincided with the decision of the micro-blogging network Twitter to remove the clip from the President’s speech on the death of a black man. Socialthe network decided that the video affect the interests of holders, as it featured video from the field demonstrations and followed a number of them disorders. In the message trump has warned of “the threat of violence and anarchy,” which supposedly represent the unification of the radical left forces.

At the White house, however, said that “sublime and calling for the unity of the nation” speech was “censored” by the administration of Twitter. There has also criticized the liberal media for what they refused to cover the President’s speech.

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