The mayor of Zhodino ran away from the meeting with the protesters after claims away from the city at the riot police (video)

the day of the announcement about the strike at located at the Zhodino plant “BelAZ” residents, dissatisfied with the forged, in their opinion, the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election, met with the mayor Dmitry Zablotskiy in the square.

Agency asked the officer uncomfortable questions, which leads “The first question is why you, as a citizen of our country, as mayor of the city, which should protect our interests, was allowed to go on election fraud? You have sold our votes. Why the polling stations were not posted protocols after the election?” — said the residents.

People demanded from the mayor to out of town riot — these forces “distinguished” hard crackdown on citizens demanding from Lukashenka to recognize the victory of the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski. People shouted “Let go!”, demanding the release of detained participants of the rally.

People loudly shouting “Let go” at the meeting with the mayor of Zhodino.

— TUT.BY (@tutby) August 13, 2020

this is zablocki said that riot police in Zhodzina there, but there are internal forces who guard the detention facility.

a Female medic came out of the crowd and told the official that is not afraid of dismissal, but stated to him that from the actions of the security forces were injured teenagers: “Come to the hospital tomorrow, look at the beaten boys. If you are a father, if you have pity. We cry, you know? We mothers. And such a beating I’m 30 years of his work seen. If you have a heart, you should come and see it.”

When the head of the Executive Committee asked if he was ready to resign, if it will call to the people, he silently escaped, informs “Belsat”.

In Soligorsk also held a street meeting of opponents of the current government and the mayor. According to the Russian service Bi-bi-si that came to the protesters, the mayor said, “If in order, OMOIt not, I promise. If not the police intervened, we would have broken Windows and machine.”

it’s the protesters reminded that they are a peaceful people, who are subjected to tyranny by applying means of restraint of the security forces.