The mayor recommended that the Muscovites not to go out in the coming holidays

the mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin urged Muscovites not to go out tomorrow, the Day of Russia and on Victory parade on June 24. The TV channel “Russia 24”, he recalled that the mass protest actions in Moscow has prohibited.

the Solemn event Sobyanin recommended to watch on TV. “No extras should not be”, — he stressed.

According to the mayor, the observance of Muscovites “regime survival” will provide the city authorities with the opportunity to remove the restrictions in Moscow every week.

Sobyanin Also running advised Muscovites to stay on the “distance” to avoid the congestion of people at enterprises and in institutions. However, he acknowledged that the decision “to open or not to” take themselves employers. But the Moscow authorities are recommended to preserve the remote mode of operation, he concluded.

however, according to the mayor of the capital, Moscow authorities will not quarantine for visitors from other regions of Russia.

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