The media called the last words of the pilot collapsed at home in Pakistan PIA plane (video)

In Pakistan confirmed the death of 35 people in a plane crash aboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Only the plane was carrying 107 people, it was one of the first flights after the easing of quarantine coronavirus.

According to officials, the crash site was found 35 bodies, 32 people survived and were hospitalized. Previously appeared information about the two survivors.

Dispatchers recorded the last words of the aircraft commander. He passed on the ground “May Day!” — a message about a technical problem, told PIA. According to the pilot, the plane “lost” engines.

‘Mayday, Mayday…’- Pakistan plane’s last message from the pilot.

In the mayday call, the pilot can be heard saying that the plane has lost its engines.

There are ‘no survivors’ after the plane crash in Karachi, read more here:

— SkyNews (@SkyNews) May 22, 2020

According to witnesses, was heading from Lahore to Karachi is the Airbus A320 tried to land two or three times, and then collapsed on a residential house, just a little before reaching Karachi airport, and caught fire.

Aviation security in Pakistan is very low, experts say. For 10 years, there have been four of the crash with a large number of victims. Crashed today, the Airbus was released in 2004, the Russians on this flight did not fly.

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