The media found out who could be the real culprit beating amber heard, in which she accused Depp

The staff where they lived, johnny Depp and amber heard, told, who could be the real culprit of the beating of the actress in which she accused ex-spouse. As the newspaper writes Daily Mail, citing employees of the penthouse, where he lived a celebrity couple, the marks of beatings on her face heard came only a week after Depp’s departure from the country. According to workers, during this period heard several times came Elon Musk. So said the security officer of the building Alejandro Romero, billionaire visited the actress several times in the past two weeks, approximately 23 hours. It was during this period in the face of the actress appeared bruised. It is also alleged that at that time no one else was visiting the heard. Recall that johnny Depp and amber heard were married in February 2015. In may 2016, the actress has filed for divorce. She stated that her husband beat her. In response, Depp has filed a lawsuit against ex-wife, accusing her of defamation and demanding that her $50 million for the article, which Hurd calls himself a victim of domestic violence. Later in the Internet appeared the recording of the conversation of the stars, where she heard admits to beating Depp. Also, the media wrote that amber heard cheated on johnny Depp with Elon Musk and actor James Franco.

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