The media has disclosed the name of an intermediary

a Mediator between the Russian military and militants of the movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) was an Afghan drug dealer Rahmatullah Azizi. It is reported by The New York Times, citing its sources.

According to media reports, the man allegedly could give the militants the money as a “reward for killing American soldiers and soldiers from the international military contingent in Afghanistan”. Furthermore, communication with Azizi was held by the representatives of the so-called “division 29155” Russian military intelligence.

A small-time Afghan businessman became a key middleman who aided Russian efforts to target American soldiers, U. S. intelligence reports say

— The New York Times (@nytimes) July 2, 2020

the Publication claims that Sam Azizi from Afghanistan, but he managed to go to Russia. However, intelligence agencies failed to leave his mark and hold part of the family.

Other details the media does not.

earlier, us media reported that Russia had secretly offered a reward to the Taliban for killing an American military. In Russia this data is called “nonsense” and reject.

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