The media learned about the abuse of three leaders of Germany, Britain and France

In a telephone conversations with foreign colleagues, US President, Donald trump has allowed himself to brutal attacks and rude insults, reports CNN.

According to sources, in his “sadistic” speech trump without sentimentality even in the treatment of ladies — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he called stupid for exposure to the influence of Russia and former Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may was called a “fool” for failing to hold a Brexit.

“the Greatest rigidity of the he shows to those who look like wimps, and it is the weakest with those with whom it needs to be tough,” said an anonymous source.

it is Noted that the conversations were secret because of their “extraordinary” and aggressive content. In Berlin even minimized the number of persons admitted to their audition.

Inherited from trump and the President of the France Emmanuel Macron, as well as the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison. While in respect of male colleagues, the White house was more restrained.

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