The media learned of a fourth victim in the

the Number of victims in the case against actor Mikhail Efremov staged a fatal accident in downtown Moscow, has grown to four. About the new victim of the “MK” referring to the Mash.

we are Talking about a younger son who died in the accident with Efremov Sergey Zakharov and his civil wife Irina. The status of the victim will allow the young person to take part in court proceedings and to claim compensation.

Previously, the victims in the “case of Ephraim” was recognized by the widow, son and brother of the deceased.

the lawyer Efremova reported the migrated actor heart attack. He also told me the artist is engaged under house arrest — watching sports channels and TV channel “Culture”.

Recall, a terrible accident occurred on the evening of 8 June, when actor went on the Garden ring in Moscow into the oncoming lane and collided with a van. The driver of the van died in hospital. In the blood of Ephraim found traces of alcohol and drugs.

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