The media learned the shocking facts from the life of Princess Diana

the Former wife of British Prince Charles and Diana had a secret diary on the advice of a therapist. The document got to journalists, extracts from it, publishes the Australian magazine New Idea.

the media writes, in the diary of Diana admitted that he tried to commit suicide when I was pregnant with first son William. “I was so depressed that he could go at all. I tried to do some damage,” wrote Diana in her diary.

she often had similar thoughts, clarifies the issue. It notes that Diana was suffering from bulimia. She refused to eat and became accustomed to cause vomiting, the media writes, explaining that her figure was often critical Prince Charles.

Recall that Charles and Diana were married on 29 July 1981. On 28 August 1996 they got divorced. 31 Aug 1997 in Paris, Diana died in a car accident — the car in which she was with his friend billionaire Dodi al fayeed, crashed into the wall of an underground tunnel.

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