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In free access in the Internet appeared the databases with personal data of about 600 thousand users of ad sites Avito and “Yula”, writes the edition “Kommersant”. The newspaper says that the databases are freely available, they can be downloaded by any user. Appropriate directory consists of six files format.csv, each of which contains about 100 thousand rows with the region, the user’s phone number, address, category of goods, which he exposed for sale, and time zone. The publication suggests that the base current. So, the journalist of “Kommersant” called five rooms, the owners have confirmed the placement of advertisements for the sale of goods on services. Meanwhile, Avito said that he checked all three parts of the base, each of them contains 100 thousand unique records. However, according to the company, no passwords or their hashes, no e-mail, or any other sensitive information was found. In Avito think that base is composed entirely of public information available on the website and can be collected by parsing. “None of what data leakage is out of question”, — emphasized in the company. Posted files do not contain personal data, “July”, RIA “Novosti” in the company. There, as in Avito, argue that those files are just information that anyone could obtain directly from the site, “either sparkiv ads”. Experts interviewed by “Kommersant”, agree that the data most likely was obtained by the parser. According to them, the leakage of data from the service pack would be more complete.

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