The media talked about undeclared luxury real estate chief freelance endocrinologist of the Ministry of health

Chief freelance endocrinologist of the Ministry of health Ivan Grandfathers was a large landowner. Agency and volunteer project RAVEN found some land in the suburbs (including in the elite areas), who belonged to the Grandfather and his relatives. Investigators say that, according to the documents of the Federal service for state registration, Grandfathers got land on lease from the Russian Academy of medical Sciences (RAMS), which was subsequently headed. The authors of the investigation also indicated that one of the plots of land on the ruble, which Grandfathers owns more than 10 years, was at one of his declarations of income, which is a violation of the law. notes that the grandparents believe scientists close to President Vladimir Putin regularly wishes grandfather happy birthday and meets up with him. According to information on the website SMRC endocrinology, Grandfathers actually created the endocrinology service of the country, initiated key innovative research in this area. In different years he was the Director of SMRC, led the RAMS to its Association with RAS, was then Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Grandfathers was four times awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland”. He also has the state prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for 2017, the medal of Honor for merits in the field of health, medical science and many years of diligent work. However, it is said in the investigation, the scientist never reported gross revenues (as Director of the state organization, subordinated to the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, he had to disclose information about income and assets). According to the project “Declarator” in 2014 and in 2016, its revenue totaled 5.83 million and 4.3 million, respectively. And in 2017, Grandparents reported income in the amount of 9.8 million rubles. Edition adds that an average of these amounts is comparable to the annual income of the majority of governors in Russia. Information about the income of Ivan Dedov for other periods in open sources could not be found, say rassledovalI. in 2019, he left the post of Director of SMRC endocrinology, becoming President of the organization, and now, under the law, do not have to publicly declare income. Meanwhile, the authors of the investigation found that the family of the scientist-endocrinologist owns expensive real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region. According to the Rosreestr, Ivan Dedov with his wife Olga Priteeboy 24 may 2005 issued the right of ownership of the apartment (123 sqm) in the building of the Council of Ministers on the street 2-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya. On the same day the transaction was reissued — the only Keeper left Olga Priezzheva. According to CYANOGEN, similar apartments in this house put up for sale for 57 million rubles. In addition, according to rosreestra, Ivan Dedov within six months was the owner of the 73-metre apartment in the house on Rublevsky highway. In addition, and RAVEN found some land in the suburbs, who belonged to the family of grandparents. Some of them scientist owns so far. According to the data of Rosreestr, Ivan Dedov with 2009 owns two land plots in the cottage settlement “Lesnye Dali” on the ruble (1.5 sq m each). The village is located next to the boarding house Manager of the President of the Russian Federation, specified in the investigation. It is noted that in one of the areas in the “Forest moon” is a residential house (area 446,5 sq. m) with gatehouse (45,5 square meters). This property is specified in the Declaration grandfather. However, notes in all the published declarations of Ivan Dedov is only one land this area. Party RAVEN, lawyer Gregory Mashanov notes that do not specify owned land — a violation of the law. However, the lawyer, the grandparents should not be punished unless it is proved that this is an illegal enrichment. Both Ivan Dedov received under deeds of gift from his son, 53-year-old doctor’s legalcal Sciences Dmitry Dedov, stated in the investigation. From the son of Ivan Dedov got two more plot area of 2600 and 800 square meters in the village of Zhavoronki of the Odintsovo district of Moscow region. Judging by the statements of the Federal service for state registration, they were issued to Dmitry Dedov 21 October 2009 and on the same day they bought Ivan Dedov. “May both appear in the Declaration of Ivan Dedov in 2014 as one land plot with area of 3400 square meters. However, in return for the 2016 it’s gone,” — writes The authors of the investigation add that Ivan and Dmitry Dedov also figured in transactions for the sale of two plots of land in the village Potentino in the suburbs. “Total assets of the family Grandparents can hardly speak of unjust enrichment, but it certainly indicates the proximity to power,” — said the participant of the project RAVEN, Deputy Director of “transparency international — Russia” Ilya Shumanov. In his opinion, the location of the land plots owned by Ivan Dedov, also indicates proximity to power. “The average person in the street, usually to obtain land near the Guesthouse of the presidential administration can not” — said the expert.

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