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The medic called products, destroys the brain

The medic called products, destroys the brain

Fast carbs and TRANS fats are not only able to lead to excess weight, but also seriously disrupt the brain.

this was told by the dietician Elena Solomatina and warned against the constant use of some hazardous products.

According to her, is to abandon store-bought mayonnaise, margarine and cheap confectionery, and also to minimize the consumption of sugar.

In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the medic said that TRANS fats make the cell membrane rigid, impervious, and in fact, the cell ceases to function fully. These processes can lead to the destruction, including the brain. Adversely are, uh, flavors and dyes that are added to almost all sweets factory.

for its part, glucose destroys the blood vessels and excess salt retains fluid in the body and prevent free blood flow.

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