The medic reminded, why should the wearing of masks in public places

Muscovites recalled that the epidemic of coronavirus has not yet ended, but only is on the decline. In this regard, it is important to wear masks and observe social distance. This was stated by the Director of the research Institute of emergency care. Sklifosovsky Sergey Petrikov.

According to him, RIA “Novosti”, “the risk remains that someone is infected and can transmit the virus into areas with large concentrations of people.”

He explained that wearing a mask is especially necessary if a person has some minimal signs of a cold or SARS.

Director of the Sklifosovsky research Institute also noted that the mask filters the air and protects all others from the risk of infection.

about how long will be saved recommendations for wearing masks, the doctor said that it depends on when experts reported that the epidemic is over. Petrik added that people know little about the virus, which “appeared and collided with the human population six months ago.”

Recall, over the past day in the capital confirmed 678 new cases of infection with coronavirus.