The medic said, you can't do in the sanatorium,

for a Long time existed a prejudice that cancer patients in remission do not stay and Spa treatment. Myths dispelled chief physician of the sanatorium “the Sestroretsk resort” Nina Vorontsova in conversation with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

According to the doctor, some of the limitations really are, and they depend on the condition of the patient undergoing radical cancer treatment, as well as other factors.

“Not suitable, for example, mud treatment, mineral baths, in General, almost all physical therapy. However, the very best in spas, symptomatic therapy, conversely, is shown. There’s beauty treatments, leisure activities, working with a therapist, part of the procedures of bracing, which are not contraindicated to any population: inhalation, suppose,” said Vorontsov.

She recalled that the prejudice against sanatorium treatment of cancer patients was common in the 50-60-ies of XX century, when the infrastructure in the institutions was not so developed, and provided in the main methods of physiotherapy. Today’s equipment allows organizations of former cancer patients to spend time with health benefits.

“this should be the same climate zone. A hotter climate is contraindicated, it is better to exclude provoking factors,” he added.

Thus, to travel the “former” cancer patients are allowed, but still within the usual climate. According to Vorontsova, it is considered that full recovery occurs within five years of remission.

On SANATORNO-resort treatment and travel restrictions of patients with cancer, read soon in the “Rosbalt”.

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