The medic told how not to miss the aggravation of coronavirus during treatment at home

Aggravation COVID-19 comes sharply, and it is important not to miss the moment, the head of the clinical center of anesthesiology and intensive care, Institute of emergency care named. Janelidze Vyacheslav Ponchikov. Physician illustrated this with the example of another disease.

“the flu the evening high temperature, very bad. 38 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is 37.5, then the weakness, you drink the broth, and all is well. On the third day all were released. And the coronavirus is evolving slowly, and this light time is very dangerous,” explained Afonichev “the Petersburg diary”.

According to him, a sharp aggravation occurs a few days later with the onset of the disease.

“Starts with a temperature of 38, then a week of 37.3, and the memory of influenza tells us that everything seems fine. A week later, on 7-8-th day of pneumonia the outbreak occurs, and people can burn for 2-3 days. And that’s why the new coronavirus. And the danger is that the person thought that all is well, go outside, to shop, to work — in the time when it identifies a virus. The flu is not the imaginary well-being, which relaxes,” said resuscitator.

He turned to those who are recovering from coronavirus house. According to the physician, is a week to sit at home and four times a day to measure the temperature, test the sense of smell and taste.

“I am sure that the latest treatment from the Ministry of health works. But my belief that the treatment of this disease is like a torpedo shooting. Need to do the volley it at the right moment. If you take the pill for three days, will not help if two later will not help either. It is necessary to select the day to enter medicine, told Ponchikov. And if we need press the “start” button, then we got a little earlier or later and missed. Therefore, the combination of drugs needed. One does not podejstvuett”.

According to the latest data, in St. Petersburg has registered 21 thousand 275 cases COVID-19, died in 727. More than 10 thousand residents have recovered.

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