The medic told me what to bring hospitalization to a temporary hospital in

A temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” will provide enrolled patients with all necessary, said the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, the head of the hospital for war veterans Maksim Kabanov. “If you forget, you will get it, including washing supplies, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, Slippers, women’s nightgown,” he told the medic. He mentioned that it is necessary to bring the Essentials. For the convenience suitable, for example, track suit, said Kabanov. “A book you love or want to read, or a gadget that you used to take with me. Because Wi-Fi at the hospital is, you can at any time connect to social networks, view the information you need,” added the doctor. According to him, only in “Lenexpo” launched 1474 berths, of which 483 are busy at the moment. Add a temporary hospital on 3 June has been a month since I started. According to official statements, they only accept patients with a mild form of the coronavirus, a new type. About the conditions of detention in the notorious facility, read the material “Rosbalt”.

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