The member of Russian national team on volleyball punches with driver in Moscow and dented his car

the Member of Russian national team on volleyball Alexander Chimer staged a road conflict in the “new Moscow” and chased angered by its driver.

the Incident, as reported by TASS, citing a source in law enforcement bodies, occurred on Sunday, June 21, when the Chimer moved behind the wheel of a Volkswagen on the street Tatiana’s Park.

during the conflict, the 23-year-old volleyball player Novy Urengoy “Torch” several times hit the opponent’s car. The victim approached the police and filed a report about property damage.

adds “MK” referring to the Mash, Kemerovo did not like the fact that the car in front of him was not moving in the center of the band and eventually gave him to pass on the traffic light. After this, the athlete began to block the path of the driver of a car, requiring the opponent to stop. In the streets of Tatiana’s Park, he got out of the car and leg knocked the side mirror and dented the door of the opponent.

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