It was the delivery of the most-awaited of the NRJ Music Awards. David Hallyday, who unveiled his new single, My last letter , a song from his next album, which pays tribute to her father Johnny Hallyday. Shortly after 23 hours on Saturday night, the musician is thus produced on the stage of the Palais des Festivals, Cannes. At the end of his performance, which was broadcast live on TF1, he appeared particularly moved.”Music has always been my means of expression. My last letter , this is a love song, and” transmission, “he explains,” this Sunday morning on France Info. “It’s about what you want to give the people we love before leaving. It makes me face my own existence, what I would like to pass on to my own children”, he adds to the micro Elodie Suigo.

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This song, in which the clip is directed by his half-sister Laura Smet David Hallyday performer for the past seven months on tour. He explains, have long hesitated before they start. “I took my courage in both hands. I hoped already that I could sing it from A to Z without that it stirs too much, and I stop in the middle. Finally, it is quite therapeutic. When I saw the reaction of the public, the support and all this love, I was comforted in the idea to continue to do so”. The composition of his new album, in stores on December 7, next, has helped him to grieve. “From the month of February, where I composed the album, I locked myself in a bubble to protect myself first and to start my mourning. I wrote without thinking and all my emotions are spent”, he said while stating that this album is without doubt “the most important of his personal life and his artistic career”.

“In the family, it is modest”

David Hallyday on France Info

The quarrels in his family for the legacy of Johnny Hallyday are not openly mentioned in this interview. Only when one reads between the lines, he seems to regret having seen his private life unfolded in the newspapers over the last few months. “I’ve never used the press to talk about my personal problems. This would demonstrate a lack of respect for education that have given me my parents. In the family, it is modest. All one has to say, it is in art that it represents”. Unlike Laeticia Hallyday, which has multiplied interviews in the media, Sylvie Vartan, the mother of David Hallyday, merely as his sons of his tour to pay tribute to Johnny.

and Then his statements about his strong relationship with his father, for whom he composed the album, which is the most sold of his entire career, has come as a response to the case of the testament. “We shared the same passion, even if you have experienced the opposite of both. Because I have lived almost 40 years of my life in the United States and lived in France. We didn’t see much of it because of the distance but each time we saw them, it was as if we had never separated. Genetics is something extraordinary, that binds people together. We shared extraordinary moments, great, together.” As a reminder, he disputes with his sister, the testament of Johnny Hallyday, which makes Laeticia sole heiress.

Since the death of his father, David Hallyday scarce his speech. He had only agreed to an interview last march at the Paris .