The metro station

the Toponymic Commission of Petersburg has recommended to rename the station “Novorostovskaya” in “Zenith”. This was reported on the website of Smolny.

“during the discussion on the renaming of the metro station “Novorostovskaya” the majority of the members of the Toponymic Commission supported the appeal of the Directorate of FC “Zenit”,”, — stated in the message.

the Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov said that the name of the subway station, associated with tourists and fans with the football club “Zenit” will make it easier to search for maps and guidebooks.

“in addition, next to the stadium is a sports complex, where they spent their home matches of the volleyball club “Zenit” and basketball club “Zenit”,” he said.

the General Director of FC “Zenit” Alexander Medvedev confirmed the readiness of the club to assume the financial costs associated with the renaming of the station.

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