The Mexican military seized 10 tons of drugs near the border with the USA

a Large shipment of narcotics was discovered in the border with the United States the Mexican city of Tijuana.

according to the defense Ministry of Mexico, the party consisted of 7.8 tons of marijuana, 2 tons of methamphetamine, as well as 87 kilograms of cocaine and more than 130 thousand tablets synthetic opioid fentanyl. According to the Department, the total value of seized substances reaches 743,1 million pesos (about $34 million).

Tijuana is one of the most criminal cities in Mexico. Highest homicide rate in the region (about 2.2 thousand in 2019) due to the conflicts around the spot street trade in drugs. Earlier in Tijuana, as there is a conflict of criminal groups over the routes of contraband of narcotic substances.

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