The Minister of culture spoke about

In Russian museums will establish the rate of visits to “one person in 20 square meters”, and in the theatres the spectators are seated in a staggered manner. Such measures will be taken to protect employees and visitors agencies from the spread of coronavirus, said the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova on the First channel.

the Minister also said that the reopening of museums June 1, does not mean they are open for visitors. First, all premises must be disinfected in which you need to consider the need for careful handling of exhibits. In addition, the museums will be transparent partitions separating employees from visitors.

Also Lyubimova noted that “the unique flooring of many Federal museums will add to your ornament stickers” indicating the required distance between the visitors. Group tours in museums, she said, will resume “at the last turn”.

In theaters, which is expected to open in September, viewers will be placed in a checkerboard pattern. Lyubimov said that this is a worldwide practice that now seen in Russia. She added that this decision will inevitably affect the income of institutions. The same measures will be taken in the Philharmonic, which you can open with “certain works” that allows you to position the musicians so that their performance was safe.

in addition, the Minister added that addresses the issue of age limits for employees. In particular, in regions with a harsh climate age attendant cannot exceed 60 years, and the staff in the Museum halls, where visitors come from, cannot be older than 65.

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